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  Date: March 27, 2018

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The battle line has just been drawn…….
**After the arguement that happened between Ramena and Denilson,both of them have been trying hard to get the good side of Lizzy.

On monday morning afternoon,After the lecture class,Ramena and Jistice were found sitting under the big tree located on the main campus waiting for Denilson.

Suddenly Justice broke the silence
“Ehm Ram please you and Den shohld stop keeping grudges with each other,just forget about everything he has…(before he finished talking,Denilson arrived)thank GOD you were here at the right time.Den you guys should leave lizzy to choose who she want when it is time and moreover you know initially i love this lady since our Matric ceremony buh since you guys were fighting i had to keep it off my heart when i saw that you two were wanting her desperately”Justice said in conclusion
“Thanks a lot Jussy,i know you did always be our guardian although we are mates”Denilson jokingly said
“Yea you right Den,let forget and move on with our studies”Ramena added.
“And who knows if i may be the one to marry her sef?Justice said it jokingly
“In your dreams”Ramena added and the three of them bursted into laughter.

“Ehn buh guys didn’t you notice that it been up to a week we have seen Lizzy on campus”Justice said in anticipation.

“Yea seems you right,honestly i did mot take notice of her absence”Denilson said
“What can we do now”Ramena said
“Chai see fuck boys,you never take notice of your bae and you sitting down here”Justice judgely judge the unjudgeable Ramena and Denilson.
From another corner was a friend of Elizabeth passing by
“One of you should go and ask her about lizzy absence”Justice questioned them.

“No not even this time*Den and Ram both replied

“Then i will go” jussy said

**Justice went close to meet lizzy’s friend called Cryla**

“Hello damsel”he greeted her
“How may i help you”cryla asked
***Chai see how she replied me,she is just like her friend,no wonder she is a DWARF**Justice thought
“Yea i need your help,it been a long time i see your friend on campus so i want to ask about her whereabout”Den asked

“”Well she was rushed to the hospital for a sickness not known to us,not even me either””Cryla said

“”Oh my GOD,i dont even know,so how will she prepare for the upcoming exam””jussy asked pathetically
“I dont know”cryla said as she walked out on jussy

***Jussy came to meet his friend and explained all to them**

“Ah we feel so sorry abouh that”Ram said
“That means she will automatically carry this course coz thi so-called lecturer is a no-nonsense man” Den added

“I promise you that by GOD’s grace elizabeth will not carry this course”Jussy said bravely.”

“Then we will see the good samaritan who will come down to help her write it if them no go EXPEL am away from campus”Den and Ram said jokingly..

(To be Continued)

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